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Even at this stage, I'm careful not to regard my wife as "cheap church labor." I keep in mind what my DS said to me at our first meeting "You are a husband first and a pastor second." My wife wanted to kiss him.

John B

John, you're a wiser man than me, just last night I volunteered my wife to make a salad for a funeral.

I thank God she's understanding and so willing to help me. I tell her often that I'm lucky to be married to her, because nobody else would put up with me.

Pastor Dan

I remember one afternoon, early in my ministry, when my wife and I were standing in the kitchen having one of those "husband and wife discussions." I immediately went into counsel mode. "What you need," I started. But my wife finished the sentence. "What I don't need right now, "she said, "is a pastor." "What I need is a husband." I got the message and learned the lesson ...! And life is good!


i'm glad my future is much smarter than i.

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