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Joe Pritchett

What a great book. Gets me all fired up. I'm trying to get my daughter to read it because I'm afraid I've spent too much of my life being civilized and have raised her in the same way.

You know, John, and the rest of you guys who describe yourselves as mainliners, we're all in the same boat. Evangelicals churches have the same settled people. I think it is important that we all live barbarian before God and let the chips fall where they may. Is the life of faith worth living (no matter your position in the church) if it is lived safely?


This book sounds reminiscent of Robert E. Howard's writings about barbarianism. Among other things,he said that barbarian societies were polite, because the price of being rude was getting your skull cleaved in two. In barbarian societies, there is a closer connection between your actions and the consequences which follow.


What a wonderful book, I work in a Christain bookstore and read this book about 8 months ago. There is something about the barbarian way that appeals to me, which causes some internal conflict as I am a candidate for minisrty in the UMC. I'm going to push forward as a "barbarian" as Edwin calls it and see where I land. I have rasied some eyebrows and ruffeled some feathers, but have not been dismissed (yet). We (UMC) need people to challenge the status quo, perhaps the barbarian way is one "doctrine" that the UMC needs.

(I know, a barbarian in a bookstore...strange)

Good luck to all those barbarians in sheep's clothing - Frank

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