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I often wonder what people will think of us hundreds of years from now. We tend to think we are sophisticated and smart, probably the greastest society in history. But yet we kill our young. We have turned human life into a commodity. If you are unborn and unwanted or disabled, no problem we will just get rid of you. We even gone so far as getting rid of children and adults who are longer able to "benefit society". I realize child molesters have been around longer than Roe Vs Wade, but until we make every human being feel like they belong in a credit card commercial, ie "priceless", we will never have enough outrage to decide our children are worthy of protection.


I'm playing devil's advocate in this matter, but is there something a bit wrong about raising a sentence retroactively? This power could be abused.

Joe Pritchett

I agree with John playing devil's advocate. I really struggled with the whole Megan's Law movement in our country. I would just about be for mandatory life sentences and chemical castration of child molesters, however adding to someone's sentence after the fact seems unconstitutional to me.

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