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A couple of blogs elsewhere that could lend some light to your question, though it depends on what you mean by traditional values.
It is, of course, an issue for every congregation.
the links:




Greg Hazelrig

I think the mainline churches have been afraid of changing any because they would vary from these values. But in my opinion there is the ultimate Truth that can never be changed. This is the Truth of Jesus Christ who came to save and share God's love. If we are to do the same, some church values might get stepped on. But didn't he do that to the Pharisees values as well?

Didn't Jesus eat with what they considered sinners? Didn't he enjoy the company of prostitutes (not sexually) and tax collectors? Did these people drink and have a good time? Did they cuss? Were they rough around the edges? I bet so.

And he didn't expect them to clean up and come see him in the synagogue either. He went to them.

Just my two cents worth though.


I am an active member of the Journey Church, and as it’s member, I approve of the way in which they communicate with non-believers as well as believers. They realize that even though Christians are saved, they are still sinners. Jesus ate and drank with non-believers and communed with them using words and illustrations of what they were accustomed to. It is moving being in that room while the discussions at Midrash, the discussion forum, is happening; people can be themselves without judgement, and are accepted as they are, and know that their voices will be heard. It is refreshing to be apart of a Church that wants to reach people where they are

Jennifer Akins Says:
March 8th, 2007 at 4:46 pm
I want to clear this up too..
We do not bring our bibles to Midrash (aka Theology at the bootleworks) and we do not discuss as a Bible Study. It is a way of talking about cultural and theological issues and having time with people of other faiths and walks of life: a connection..Yes, some do drink beer there or a glass of wine, but it is not about the beer or the wine, it is about fellowship (we also meet at Coffee houses the other times we meet for Midrash).

Our worship services are very conservative and they are on Sundays and they are without alcohol.

Check out or doctrine and other info at our website: www.journeyon.net

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