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John Meunier

I agree that Rush should not suffer any governmental penalty for what he said.

Of course, I also think the people who ran the "General Betray Us" ad should not be subject to penalty from the government. I believe Congress passed a resolution condemning that one.

If you join me in opposing that action, too, then we agree on this point.

However, both Rush and the liberal group should expect vigrous free speech opposing their points of view. That is the point, after all.

John B


Yes, I agree that the Congress was wrong in condemning Media Matters. The only way that I or anyone else can be guaranteed freedom of speech is if those who see things from an opposite point of view are also given that same freedom.


That's a very good libertarian response -- you recognize that when the freedom of another is threatened, so is yours.

I'm not a Libertarian or

Give it time.

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