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Thus Evangelicals, in our two party system, are left with only one other choice, the Republicans. These limited choices result in individuals voting against a candidate rather than in favor of one.

I wonder what would happen if an evangelical ran as a libertarian (or Libertarian). What would the evangelical response be to a libertarian who wore his faith on his sleeve?


In a small pool of voters the Libertarian party possibly has some limited viability. In a national contest, the LP is a non-starter. The simple reality is that a evangelical may certainly run as a libertarian but such a candidacy would be little more than a waste of money and votes. Like other interest groups evangelicals must look for the most electable candidate who will best advance their cause. That is the unfortunate reality of the political process.


The fact that the core issues that some evangelicals care about nearly match the GOP is connected to the problem of being intertwined with one party. It starts with one issue (abortion) and over time expands to issues that are hard to say are based on Biblical principles (school choice, small government, support of most any war effort). In the end, our primary role as Christians and Church is not giving endorsements or even voting (though we should do that) our purest and most effective form of power come through our ability to engage in moral discourse on all issues and hold our elected officials accountable to the Christian faith so many of them profess.

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