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It truly is amazing how a wanted pre-born is a "baby" and an unwanted pre-born is a "fetus", isn't it?


I have two personal instances in which Adam Hamilton is in support of abortion have happened. I had a friend find out her baby had Trisomy 18 when she was 4 months pregnant. She chose to continue the pregnancy, against the advice of her doctors. The baby would not live, they said. She gave birth and had 58 precious minutes with her daughter, baby Lily. They were the most cherished minutes of her life and, five years later, she is still thankful she went through with it. I remember her heart wrenching pregnancy, because we were both pregnant together.

When Steve and I found out we were having triplets, we were immediately told to "reduce the pregnancy" (aka, abort) to preferably one, but they would allow me to carry two. To carry three babies was life threatening to me and the babies would never be born healthy and all four of us would suffer. Thirty five and a half weeks later, we gave birth to three VERY healthy and happy baby boys. I daily look at them and think of what that doctor advised us to do and know that either Noah or Nathanial *and* Ethan would not be here if I trusted a doctor 100%. According to Adam's chapter and blog, my case should remain legal.

People need to understand the mother's life being in danger is has a very liberal definition by doctor's standards.

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