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I don't get the opposition to this from the Christian community.

For one thing, "assault" is an act, not a descriptor. A baseball bat can be an "assault weapon" if it's used to...you know...assault someone.

A rifle that is used in competition to poke holes in pieces of paper is no more an "assault weapon" than that baseball bat being used to play baseball.

Guns are inanimate objects...they possess no inherent morality. Morality is a human trait. It is immoral to use a gun to harm others just as it is immoral to use a bat, knife, lawnmower or the spoken word to harm others. There is no inherent immorality in the object...only in the way the person employing the object puts it to use.


For another thing: The church was not just "giving away a gun" to some random kid who came to church. They were giving it away as a part of an organized shooting clinic and competition...a VERY normal thing to do at such activities.

The Department of Justice conducted a study in 1999 that found that youth who were exposed to firearms in a controlled, supervised, legal setting were significantly less likely to be involved in criminal activity and drug use than youth exposed to firearms surreptitiously. They were even slightly less likely to be involved in such activities than youth who had never been exposed to firearms at all.

I would think that Churches would embrace an activity that encourages kids to stay out of trouble.


Finally, The shooting sports require discipline, and concentration, promote responsibility and engender self-respect and self-worth. I do not see how that could ever, in any context, be considered a bad thing.

When I was growing up in the Wesleyan Church, dancing, watching movies, wearing shorts, excessive makeup etc were considered sins. Now days we have youth centers in our churches where dances are regularly held, video games are played, loud music is encouraged etc etc etc. If those things are valid tools to introduce young people to Christ, why is the use of the shooting sports...an activity enjoyed by millions of Americans every year and one of the safest sports in the country...such an outlandish proposition?

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