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gavin richardson

amen john!

i've often wonder why we have our heads up our own culture butt so much we never ask about what is helping grow our global connection


I am from India and strongly believe in the fact that without Evangelical faith, the future of UMC and other mainline denominations is dark, It should be clear to even so called liberals who seems to have their own agenda in the church. Well the question I am struggling at this time in my life is: Can I go ahead with perusing ordination in UMC? (I have three Masters degrees in theological and missions studies). I also hear that there is significant Evangelical influence in UMC because many from Asian and African origins are ordained as pastor. Shall I go in UMC ministry to be prophet with the denomination, if everyone leaves because its heading toward wrong direction, there is no hope. I want your ideas and opinion. By the way I am on staff of one of the UMC church in California.

John B


I've been a UM pastor for 20+ years, there have been times when I wondered if it was worth the struggle to stay. But in the end, I am convinced that the UM doctrine and Discipline remains the best understanding of scriptural Christianity. I hope you will continue in your pursuit of ordination within the UMC. We need dedicated individuals like you.

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