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The Ocean Grove example is discussed, debunked, and destroyed in the comments to this excellent blog post. If the rest of your examples are as flimsy, and the rest of your arguments amount to "the evil state is refusing to let us force our beliefs on everyone else," I'm not impressed.


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John B

I am in no way advocating, "the evil state refusing to let us force our beliefs on everyone else." In fact, I'm advocating just the opposite. I am saying the the state should not force an individual's or group's belief on another. That is exactly what is happening in the above examples. In these cases, the government is forcing the belief that the practice of homosexuality is morally neutral upon those who believe it is not. By the way, official United Methodist belief says it isn't.

Anon, I take it from your comment that you're ok with the state forcing one set of beliefs upon those who don't hold to those beliefs as long as those beliefs are in line with your own. Is there no room for tolerance and honest disagreement?

I'm not saying you or anyone else has to agree with me. All I'm asking is that neither you nor anyone else use the power of the government to force your beliefs on me. This is assuming that the beliefs we're talking about do not cause any physical or direct finance harm to another.

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