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Creed Pogue

So, are you putting a quarter of your tithe toward charity health care??? Or, are you going to ask your church to spend 25% of its income on charity health care?

The idea is to give regular Americans the same choices that our members of Congress have. The question should be, why wouldn't members of Congress support that???

NOW, you're worried about the deficit? Did you say anything during the past eight years of relative plenty when the debt went up and up and up?

John B

1. If every member of my congregation tithed, we could easily give 25% of our income to charity health care. Sadly, only a relatively few people do tithe, so my ideas remain speculative and visionary rather than realistic.

2. The problem is Congress isn't giving Americans the same choices that members of Congress have. There in lies the hypocrisy.

3. I have lamented the growing deficit over the past eight years and then some. Don't assume because I critic the present Congress and administration, I haven't criticed those in the past. You might be surpised to learn that I didn't vote for McCain in the last election.

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