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I feel your pain and frustration. Many churches don't seem to recognize the difference between stewardship and fund-raising.

A committee gets together and irons out what they want to spend money on and then sets out to tell the congregation to support it. Fund-raising!

Your challenge is for us to teach and practice stewardship. Thanks. Stay blessed...john


Thanks for the post. This is a huge issue at my church right now. We have a budget shortfall so the church clergy and administrators are launching a new fundraising campaign. Yet not one of them, NOT ONE, has even uttered the concept of 'tithing.' My husband and I tithe, and I am frustrated with being asked over and over to give more money when so many around us aren't giving anything, and it's only because no one has taught them what the expectations are.


Working on stewardship message/month right now. Mindful of a colleague's church whose attendance dropped 35% for same message series/time of year. How do you challenge folks to step out and try tithing without the suggestion of prosperity gospel? There's a fine line, especially in asking them to step really far out, which is what the perception of "really" tithing seems to be. Wasn't that just for OT folks? right...Do we really want to be obedient, or do we want just a little bit of Jesus? Your post makes me analyze more clearly what I am seeking to convey. Thank you.

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